How does

BetrBets work?

Wipe out speculation and utilise BetrData!

An app for generating tips, BetrBets gives members the information they need on WHEN to bet and WHO to back. Our strong empirical approach is unique, giving BetrBets the point of difference resulting in consistent positive returns. Taking care of all the FORM work, BetrBets uses analytics to assess historical and live market data, sending members a BetrBet notification ONLY when specific “WIN” criteria’s are met. This gives our members all the vital information they need to back a winner and to be a winner.

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Applying a scientific approach to betting

With over 12 years of data collected on over 150 tracks, BetrBets fuses historical data with LIVE market trends. Some of the variables are outlined below…

Money in market: Monitoring money in the market right up to seconds before race start time

Jockey: Strike rate, historical performance on track, horse and trainer combination which includes current day performance

Horse: Historical performance on track and current condition, home track advantage, spells, first up, second up’s and relevant gear changes

Trainer: Historical performance, home track advantage

Track: Factoring in current and past condition performance, rail location, grading and length

Barrier draw: Barrier performance and success rate per track

Weather: Weather can have a huge impact on race results.
BetrBets uses LIVE weather API feeds to ensure the
current weather conditions are factored into recommendations.


BetrData to give members the winning edge

The App collects data 24/7 to ensure our algorithms are using the most up-to-date information, resulting in more probable winning outcomes come race day.

Using multiple sets of algorithms that are optimised daily, we remove the speculation and guess work and provide members with a tip recommendation based on the information analysed.


Using technology to simplify the experience

We strive to give an advantage to our members by delivering our tipping recommendations via a mobile application which is easy and efficient to use.

When our algorithms determine a high win probability, the notification system will kick-in and inform the member as close as possible to the actual start time, with a BetrTip on who to back for that specific race. Members then have the opportunity to review the tip and choose to place a bet with their preferred wagering partner all from within the app.


*Based on the first 6 months of 2016, 100% take up of BetrTips at $250 per tip.

Get Started


Download BetrBets from the app store and register your details.


Select a preferred wagering partner and enter your log in details.


Set up your profile including your default investment preference - You’re now ready to go.


Sit back and wait for the system to work it’s magic, when the next win criteria are met you will receive a BetrBet notification to your phone.


When you receive a notification of a BetrBet! Confirm the wager with your preferred wagering partner (who you have registered with on sign up) and you’re in business !

IMPORTANT : Ensure you turn on BetrBets notifications in your phone settings
this is very important or you may face missing a tip!

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